Nutrition basics for your dog

The health of your dog mainly depends on the kind of food and hydration he is receiving, and this includes carbohydrate, fat, minerals, protein and vitamins. For pup owners, pet nutrition should not be complicated. Fortunately, the nutrition for pups has made big strides in the last decade, making it easier to feed your dog the appropriate pet food with the proper nutrients to make them healthy and live a longer life.

The very first thing you have to learn about dog nutrition is to know how to read and assess the labels of pet food products. As such it helps you make sure that the pet food you are buying is of high quality. You can find information in the Guaranteed Analysis section of the food you are buying. This section displays the protein, fiber, fat and vitamins that the pet food contains. For active dogs, the recommended ratio is  around 26% protein and 18% fat. Harder working pups, on the other hand, must have up to 30% protein and 20% fat. The remainder make up for the recommended carbohydrate ratio for your pup.


However, keep in mind that you can have two different dog foods with 30% protein and 20% fat, but it does not necessarily mean that the calories are the same. One dog food may have 395 calories and the other 635 calories, even though the ingredient list is the same. Unfortunately, pet food terms such as “Premium,” “Super Premium,” and “Gourmet” are not being regulated. Any pet food can have this label on their product, so watch out for this when you buy your pup’s food next time.

Another important reminder about the nutritional needs of mutt may be different at different stages in their lives. For instance, the nutrients needed by an English Mastiff are different from the nutrients needed by a Pomeranian. Such requirements also have difference according to the age of your pup — whether they are still puppies or adults already. In the case of older dogs, they require food that can be easily digested.

Keep in mind to avoid overfeeding your pup, because it may result in him suffering from complications of musculo-skeletal problems, not to mention obesity. The recommended number of times you should feed your furry friend in a day is twice. An important note that you should also consider is to avoid giving your pup leftovers. Food that is made for humans can be harmful to the digestive system of your pup. Stick to feeding your dog pet food either in dry form or wet canned form. You can also choose to make your own pet food using special ingredients.



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