Why use a Dog crate in the car?

Why use a Dog Crate in the car?


The crate is your dog’s own personal space, tailored to their specific needs that offers them comfort and privacy.

The role of the crate is to create an atmosphere that the dog enjoys, so that he looks forward to entering his new den.

The use of the crate within the car for travelling takes away the anxiety that your new dog or puppy may feel entering unknown locations.

The crate also offers you the opportunity to safely travel with your dog as they are no longer free to move around and remove the possibility your dog distracting you and causing an accident.
It also ensures that your weekly shopping or other valuable items will not be bitten, chewed or destroyed.

Advantages of using a dog crate in the Car

  • Your dog will be comfortable in their cage and not falling over when the car turns sharply.
  • Seats and upholstery will be protected from your dog’s nails, teeth and also dirt and moulting hair.  This keeps your car clean and tear free.
  • In the unfortunate event of an accident, your dog will be protected and will not be thrown from the car causing potentially more harm.  It also stops them from running away and panicking, which could then lead to another car hitting them.  There is the option of fitting your dog with a Safety Car Harness, however we would recommend the dog crate solution.
  • Car sickness within dogs is a common occurrence so having the dog located in one area, means that you can control their sickness.  It should also alleviate any worries the dog may have as they will have a common association with the crate.

What to look for when buying a dog crate

A dog crate that is built from stainless steel wire is extremely easy to keep nice and clean.  This promotes a healthy dog and keeps the cage smelling nice.

Foldable dog crates are ideal when traveling.  This allows for easy storage at times when the crate is not needed.

The material used for the cages can vary between molded plastic, wire frames, wood, wicker or regular plastic.  Although the molded plastic crates can be used for transporting your dog or cat to the vet, we recommend wired crates for their strength and sturdiness.

The size of the crate is important for 2 reasons.  The 1st is that you want it to fit adequately in your car and the 2nd is you want it to fit your dog.

Dog Crates and Cages typically come in the following sizes:

24″ Inch Dog crate
30″ Inch Dog Crate
36″ Inch Dog Crate
42″ Inch Dog Crate
48″ inch Dog Crate

Your dog should be able to freely turn in the crate and have enough room to stand up and stretch fully.

Improving your dog crate

There are very simple ways you can improve the experience for your dog as well as the appearance of the cage.

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